Our Services

Drayage Services:

  • Rail Ramp Drayage
  • Dry Container Drayage
  • Reefer Drayage
  • Open Top Drayage
  • Flat Rack Drayage
  • Tank Endorsed Drivers
  • ISO Tank Drayage

Tractor & Other Services:

  •  We provide service for:
    •  20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, & 53 ft containers.
  • Our own chassis, vans, and flat-decks.
  • Secure yard of 4 acres.
  • Provide swampers to unload/load your container at the customers.

On Time Delivery & Pick-Up

Service is our key with providing the customer with on time delivery and pick-ups. In 15 years, we have a 98% on time delivery for our clients. 

We provide extensive tracking and tracing of shipments from start to finish to give you a peace of mind. 

Access to Warehousing &
Cross-Dock Facility

DBT has access to cross-dock facilities to help you meet your needs. 

With our secure 4 acre yard, we provide monitoring of your container to prevent storage charges at the rail, SAVING YOU MONEY!